Wednesday, December 8, 2010

07 December 2010

Yesterday was like one big reflection of my life work, women, wine, good people, shoes and of course a whole lotta bullshit.

Day started with me finishing up at the agency (which i weirdly find myself typing this from) left early and went to get some SB kicks and was recognised by an old face (pretty one too) then i had some time to kill so i went to one of my favourite spots...nah im not name dropping.

Two hours later I endend up at my 2nd home Shelflife (119 Loop str.) and hung out with the boys no homo. Got to see the new Stussy drop which is fressss. Met this crazy female called Kay (cutie of note) and spoke some shit for a bit....of course I got the BB pin fools. The home girl Adel hooked me up with some fresh threads #BAWSSSS. Then the LPMO boys came through with my second pair of Kool Bob AF1s

Found myself at the Red Bull Studios to brainstorm someteeeng massive for next year (my own sneaker maybe???) with some of Cape Town's elite minds. Got kinda semi drunk and then had to make another mish which you dont have to know about.

I have a feeling today is not going to be half bad either...with less shoes though

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