Thursday, May 2, 2019

2019 Check In


It's literally 5am and again I haven't been able to sleep a single minute. So just staying up and then hitting the office. I've been resting too much since I stopped hitting the club and everything that came with it ;).

So I thought I'd throw something up on the blog coz the last time I posted was August 2018 I think. Last time I posted I didn't even have any tattoos (or a man bun) haha. Shit, anyway life has been amazing 2 magazine features for the year so far, work still dope, we opened a restaurant and a bunch of my friends had babies.

I will post on here more regularly.

Sunday, August 5, 2018


Sundays are for chill vibes.I try and zone out as much as I can and just get my mind clear for the upcoming week. Music is the key! I'll try and post up my Sunday playlist every week. peep this week's below

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


I very rarely open up or talk about my feelings but sometimes it's good just type it out on a random blog and hope somebody finds it. Another reason I'm posting is that this specific blog has come up a lot recently interviews about my career and how it all started which reminded me of a promise I made to myself to always keep it updated regardless of who reads it.

Crazy to think how blog that launched my career in street culture was the idea of super posh white girls during my AAA days (you know who you are!).

Had a chat with my brother Rolo the other day and we both realized that we've lived amazing lives in our short time on this planet. The projects, the brands, the art, the access, the flights, the network, the features, the women, the beef and it's even wilder when you realize the pants still sagging and the accents still heavy.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

MoMA x Upscale Vandal

This right here is everything!

I've been a huge Upscal Vandal fan and he is proof that street dudes can make it to the top of fashion without having to go to fancy schools or have specialized training. All you need is have that fire inside of you and apply that street smarts.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


For the past 7 years this blog has mostly been about sneakers, fashion and music because those are the things that literally saved my life. I started this space to share new and different things within those fields but I think it's time I add another dimension to this. People often ask me "what do you do?" or "what did you study?" and my answer to both is always the same, "I'm an observer of life". I was fortunate enough to realize early in life that I'm actually not really talented or gifted at anything. I never won awards or achieved much in my youth (there were no swag awards in those times), I couldn't even type a CV to get a part time job but I was street smart in a way which made me realize that if I wanted to get anywhere in life I had to out hustle the competition. Often, being talented or gifted can be a hinderance to reaching your full potential I learnt the power of being legitimately the smartest guy in the room. This sounds a lot harder than it actually is. When learning your craft, put yourself in situations where you are able to soak up game, the art of ear hustling. ALWAYS STAY LEARNING. You can get yourself an unofficial Harvard education via social media if you follow the right people. This will only make sense if you yourself have an end game for yourself. Having no end game will just have flip flopping between "motivational" quotes.