Thursday, October 5, 2017

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


For the past 7 years this blog has mostly been about sneakers, fashion and music because those are the things that literally saved my life. I started this space to share new and different things within those fields but I think it's time I add another dimension to this. People often ask me "what do you do?" or "what did you study?" and my answer to both is always the same, "I'm an observer of life". I was fortunate enough to realize early in life that I'm actually not really talented or gifted at anything. I never won awards or achieved much in my youth (there were no swag awards in those times), I couldn't even type a CV to get a part time job but I was street smart in a way which made me realize that if I wanted to get anywhere in life I had to out hustle the competition. Often, being talented or gifted can be a hinderance to reaching your full potential I learnt the power of being legitimately the smartest guy in the room. This sounds a lot harder than it actually is. When learning your craft, put yourself in situations where you are able to soak up game, the art of ear hustling. ALWAYS STAY LEARNING. You can get yourself an unofficial Harvard education via social media if you follow the right people. This will only make sense if you yourself have an end game for yourself. Having no end game will just have flip flopping between "motivational" quotes.

Saturday, September 2, 2017


Music is really one of the most powerful things in the world. The right playlist literally can double my productivity if it syncs with my mood (mostly sad #SadBoyz2004eva).

I'll try and drop playlists on here of what I've been bumping recently. Musically we've been blessed over the past few weeks, at least if you're into the shit I'm into. This is what I've been digging lately...

Sunday, August 13, 2017


Success is a crazy thing. When I say success, I don't mean money or material things, I simply mean achieving long term personal goals. So why is success a crazy thing? Because, the effort you've put in and sacrifices you've made can change you, a lot, without you even noticing until you get to your finish line.

More often that not that change is a very good thing, because if you haven't grown then did you really even do anything significant? Reaching your personal mountain top, if you've really worked for it, can bring many unexpected gifts and blessings over and above your original goal. This clip from a J. Cole interview sums up what I'm trying to say perfectly. It gets there at around the 2:00 minute mark. For me personally, my hustle this far has shown me that there only a handful of things that really matter in life: family, reputation & creating good karma.


Thursday, July 13, 2017


Always been Nipsey fan (even though he got my dream girl pregnant) and if you know me, then you know how much of a Dom Kennedy guy I am.

"Look at my life my friend, I got the right to win
I put the grinding in, even on them nights when the lights was dim
When my hope was low, I found light within
I know it’s ups and downs so every loss I took I knew to strike again
And I be saying a lot, that’s a priceless gem
And if we living in hell is it alright to sin?
I had a goal to chase, a life to live
I tried to wash my hands, pulled me right back in"

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Late Night Career Pointers

I think I'll start dropping some knowledge from my career in marketing and advertising on this blog as much as I can. I know I could probably get a fancy .com address but I'm going to do it here because I started this thing when I was student so I'll use it as a marketing professional.

This marketing industry will have you fooled into thinking it's all glamour, travel, celebs, athletes, artists & parties all the time. It's fucking work. Behind those IG stories and champagne flutes are stressed out, emotionally burnt out people that hustle. If you see me on a plane or at an event there's 99% chance I'm tense AF because I take success very personally. I say all that to say this, if you're not willing to sacrifice your personal time and relationships then this lifestyle/entertainment/marketing life is not for you.

If you're at varsity or trying to break into the industry then my advice to you is go work for agency. Never go corporate or brand side first. A 5 year stint at agency will show you pressure, stress and hell but will be so rewarding in the end. It'll make client side feel like a cake walk.

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