Thursday, April 7, 2011


This is my blog. My personal space where I can say exactly how i feel. I can be emo. I can be Steve Hofmeyer. I could be Charlie Sheen. But they are all stupid. In saying this I like to keep things balanced writing about what I enjoy and what I think anybody who comes across this might enjoy. Sometimes a nigga just hit blank spots. Writers block swag. Might have to start video blogging soon.

Back to regular programming....

They say the best marketers work for Nike (slight pat on the back) and Im a student of the marketing/branding/advertising game and a sneakerhead and a hip hop nerd. So in 2007 what does Nike do to commemorate the 25th annerversary of the iconic Air Force One model they get rap gods KRS-ONE and Rakim add a legend Nas and a future icon Kanye West all over a DJ Premier beat is genius. The element of graffiti makes this all legit.

Sit back and enjoy...

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