Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Ok cool lemme give you a nice little excerpt:

"Sports lifestyle brand PUMA and SHELFLIFE, (premium
streetwear brand, sneakers and graffiti supply store) have joined
forces once again. This time to create their first range of men’s and
ladies sneakers. No other independent retailer in South African
history has ever collaborated with a large brand like Puma… until now,
making this a benchmark for art fanatics and sneaker collectors alike!
This collection, which will be released in South Africa and worldwide
on the 8th of August, it will include a Suede Mid and Suede Lo style
in both the women’s (Laces and Ladies) and men’s (Train Runner)

The design of the “Train Runner” series draws inspiration from local
trains bold yellow & grey “caution-tape” design. South-African metro
trains are notoriously dangerous for many reasons, making this train
system internationally famous and a highly sought after target for
graffiti artists worldwide to make their mark on"

This shit is MAJOR...THEY AINT PLAYING!!!!

If you love sneakers, if you wana be seen at the most exclusive party or if you just wanabe part of history then get involved...

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