Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Ever since the Nike Air Force One craze started dying out in 2007 I have been guilty (like most) of putting the legendary shoe on the back burner. Nike can be blamed for this by overdoing it with releases and sub par colourways. Other than aquiring my grails I havent given much love to the shoe and rather focusing on filling the gaps in my Jordan collect. Over the past few months I have been rediscovering love for this icon in design.This year marks the 30th anniversary of the shoe and we are seeing some really nice offerings. This new love for the shoe got me looking up some old flames, in the hope of finding some beauties at old slut prices.Then I bumped into these (below). I thought I managed to get these out of my head but I stumbled across them on ebay I started drooling again. Air Force 1 Entourage (White Swoosh). They were designed and given especially to the writers of the hit series Entourague. A rumoured 10 pairs exist. They differ from the ones Turtle were given in that the swooshes are white.Im really considering dropping 16k on these.

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