Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I dont like anything that sticks to a formula, I like weird off beat shit. I hate whack shit.

I miss the 90s.

I remember seeing this movie with cousin Nicholas. It was school holidys and we were a handful so my Grandma sent us to the movies for the day. Now most of you are probably thinking of a movie spot in the mall or something, wrong.

Fuckit, she didnt send us to the movies, we went to the "Bio Scope". The place was called Cine 400, real niggers know, now its a club called West End aka the old people jol.

R7 for two movies...ballin'.

Cine 400 was future ex convict central. The amount of seats in the theatre didnt matter, they sold tickets until the doors couldnt close anymore. Fuck your viewing pleasure nigger. I loved every minute of it. As long as they didnt step on my Reeboks I was good.

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