Monday, November 19, 2012


Me personally I couldnt give a fuck about remembering an actor/singer/rapper or any entertainer in general. I dont really care about a motherfucker that dance for a living. If they fell off then fuck em.

Athletes on the other hand...

Growing up in a sports crazed environment has had a long term affect on me. Everyone played sport in my life. Friends and family. I come from a huge family and they all (including me!) represented Western Province and or South Africa in whatever sport they played.

We played baseball in the summer. It was this weird obsession. This nigger Ken Griffey Jnr was Black Jesus to us 10 year olds. I think this where the sneaker obsession really started. People would go overseas and come back with his signature Nikes but I could never get them.

I will always love the Air Griffey 1. Griffey's in general hold a special place in the hearts of us Cape Town sneakerheads.

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