Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I know its a bit late but ja...I love this video.Now dont get it confused Im not going to have this song on my playlist because I dont listen to this kinda music and the only time Ill listen to this song is when the video is on.

Whats the point of this post?Its amazing how a video can increase the reach of a song.I mean if I heard this on the radio I would have changed the station 9.9 out of 10 times but now Ill prolly let it play out just on the strength of the video...just sayin.

I also noticed that alot of my female freinds dont like this video....HATERS!!!


  1. i like it. in fact i could also say i love it. although i am a bigger fan of the version of the song featuring andre 3000 (notice one of my older blogposts).

  2. i live for this video--->watched it the day it was released..Princess CiCi for life. But you right i wasnt into the song, that hard until i saw the video and fell in love