Sunday, June 13, 2010

My passion

This post is dedicated to my love of sneakers.Now if you know me then you know how much i love my sneaks.I dont wear anything else...except for timbs if its really wet.I love them so much i dont go to clubs that much either because they dont let you in with sneaks or because im scared they gonna get dirty.I am 24.If you think thats childish and immature then well....fuck you and everything you hold dear.

Its deeper than a fashion statement,photoshoot,street video or interview.I represent this city till i die so i gotta do it right.Theres nothing like walking down the street in vintage jordans and having dudes 10 years older than you stop you and ask how you got em and then proceed to talk about how they had em back in the day with an innocent look in their priceless lol.

Being a coloured kid from Cape Town you gota have shoes.We always tryna one up each other so you gotta come correct in these parts.

Nike Air Max,SB Dunks,Air Force One and my first love Air Jordans....2,3,4,11,13,15 and 16 to get technical.

I forgot i have these Nike Air Jordan 11 lows.I bought them in 2001.My first jordans ever.I remember how nervous i was going to Cavendish to buy them because it was in the same week as Eid and all my muslim freinds were talkin bout how they were gona buy it so i was nervous my size would be gone but i got the last pair in my size.I also remember when the jagged edge where the party at video dropped one of them were wearing it.I felt like a celeb haha.If these shoes could talk....lets just say theyve seen me do some things!

So i was cleaning my room yesterday and i found them under my jordan boxes so i decided to wear em for old times.


  1. I don't call you 'Sneaker King' for nothing!

    Looking forward to your blogs!

    Wear 'em proudly!