Monday, July 5, 2010


(RED) is an initiative to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa.They have collaborated with some of the biggest brands in the world to create limited edition products with part of the profits going to help fighting the disease.Examples of this include special edition all red ipods and motorola phones.

Last year they teamed up with Nike to launch the "Lace up and save lives" initiative starting with the red laces(see pics below).You might have noticed during the course of last season through out the world your favourite soccer players had red places in their boots.

The collaboration has been extended to a limited edition of the iconic Dunk silluette.The sneaker was released for personalisation online for a limited time.

So you are probably thinking to yourself that I'm such a great guy...well I am and I aint...I didn't pay for them(if you don't know who I am then either me or 2.stop breathing so much) but I did personally request these over dare I say "more aesthetically pleasing" kicks so I could do my little bit to raise awareness amongst my network.

If you know my sister then you know she's a big tekkie kop aswell and it doesnt hurt that big brother is a Nike Icon so thet hooked her up as well...

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  1. So hating on the fact that you get sneakers DELIVERED to your door step, while the rest of us mere mortals have to travel the world in search of the dopeness...hehhhhheeee