Tuesday, July 13, 2010

World Cup round up

So ja the world cup is over.just like that.

I thought I would take a day or two to observe the general post world cup buzz in CPT as well as analyze my own feelings on this past month.

Let's start with the not so positive side of things...where was the bitches?!I spent some time in long str. and other parts of cape town but all I saw was dudes and mexican jackets.When watching scenes from previous tournaments I always thought there were gona be brazilian women in their masses.I feel lied to.

On the flipside I was fortunate to watch quite a few of the games and see some of my favourite players like boufon,cannavaro,pique,fabregas,torres,xavi,iniesta,van persie,sneijder,robben,gerrad,etc.Also bafana didn't do badly at all considering the quality of their group.The unity the country showed when supporting them was nice to see.Also seeing rich white folk taking over the metrorail carrages was something in itself.

Great time but its all gone now

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  1. LMBAO!!!!! Why you gotta wait for the WC to get at them bitches son???