Monday, August 30, 2010


These South African rap muthafucka sons of bitches just irratate me. The music aint bad but its not up to my superior standards (im a snob.oh you didnt know?). They cant dress for shit they all look about two years late with the threads and even get me started on the shoes!

Now that I am done with the bad lets move on to the good. My boi Jaak is one of the nicest dudes I have ever met and it doesnt hurt that he is a good emcee either!Representing Paarl and rolling with Pioneer Unit means quality...I mean this is the same stable as Ben Sharper. This video below is called sweet (its afrikaans for sweat/persperation for my non-cape flats readers) produced by HIPE who is the best producer in the land.THE BEST VIDEO MADE IN SOUTH AFRICA!!!!!!

This video is far beyond international standard...its of an intergalactic quality and can be enjoyed even if you dont understand the language

Shot by the dudes from Greenhaus

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  1. hakes you need to swalla wi some english lyrical translation for us po white folk ya herd meh