Monday, August 30, 2010


Proudly South African...YES!!!

But that doesnt mean local is lekker. 96,2% of the time it is not. I am not talking about the general population of our country coz they like our food is awesome but rather the type of media we put out and our "celebrities". Deborah Patta is retarded and Idols is for stupid people (except the first round because it always make me feel better about myself). These are just examples of dumb shit that gets on our television and we are supposed to love it coz its South African.Fuck off. Sometimes I flip through these publications and look at the local social section then I always shake my head at these phoney bitches in cheap clothes thinking they doing it beeeg....embarasing.Next time you chickens go to a yourselves a favour and get at my girl Urban Mosadi aka the slickest stylist in the game.

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