Thursday, August 19, 2010


This is my dream job.

Creating strategic platforms and creative briefs for productions like this (see below). I want to be flying out to London to break bread with Fabregas and Drogba then off to Milan to talk shit with Ronaldhino just before popping in at the Iniesta's on the way home. I would love to brief designers and consult with players on new design concepts. Im not the 9 to 5 office type of individual.I am a dreamer and an exceptionally good shit talker...I reckon that is part of the job. You would also need to understand business.Check.I got a BBA....and Im very close to obtaining a post graduate qualification from the best marketing school (AAA) on the continent so i think I am well on my way.

I have sacrificed socially and financially (I would say emotionaly but we all know I am a cold ass motherfucker) to get this far and I have no plans of stopping till i get to the promised land. This job, a Lambo, all the shoes I missed out on as a kid and a ridiculousy oversized gold rope chain has been my obsession since I was 14. So make a du'ahh for your boi!!!

Now I know alot of you might think this is dumb because 1. it comes from me and 2.what if I fail?you know the haters be lurking but you know me I dont give a.....

Impossible?Bitch please I already done got a Nike deal!!!!

Hayden Manuel X Nike.we the ufckin bessssssssssss

Examples of work I would like to do:

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