Sunday, July 28, 2013


So 2013 has been the year of growth for me and this week past the momentum continues. If you know me personally then you would know I have rapper dreams. Like I live the whole cliched expensive overindulgent  lifestyle but the thing is...I have never ever recorded anything.

Fastforward to Thursday 25.07.13 and I got invited to a recording session with Ill Skillz who were recording their Notes From Native Yard album. Along with Mrs. Fat Cat and Nicci St. Bruce (who is gona be a problem in the rap game soon!) we popped into the studio and just felt the vibe. The homies Flexx and Uno said I should hop in da booth and see what its like. I spoke my ratchet shit and they wanted it on the outro to the album. I hope this is the start of me focusing on my creative sensibilities.

Check out some music from the Ill Skillz's upcoming album Notes From The Native Yard by clicking the link for the download.

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