Tuesday, July 11, 2017


So I got a new job.

Out of nowhere and within 4 weeks everything went comfortable and chilled drinking tequila in a Mexican club to having to move house (fokin' Nothern Suburbs, china) to be closer to my new office. A new company, title and role that fundamentally shook up entire DNA and make up of who I am but was definitely the right move for my long term vision. Just didn't expect it to happen when it did with such short notice.

If you know me then you know about my long relationship with the Swoosh, 8 years to be exact, and my love of my 9-5 at Pernod Ricard working Jameson (GOAT), Ballantine's, Olmeca and Avion. For me to give all that up, you gotta give me something special...

Life achievement unlocked: PUMA ZA Sportstyle Marketing Manager. A brand I have always loved and fallen more and more in love with over the past 3 years. I get shape the brand's identity in the South African pop culture world (music, fashion, art, etc.) but the real reason I took the job was to hang out with Rihanna and Cara Delavingne.

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  1. Nice one! Onwards and upward *fire emoji*

  2. Congrats dude all the best and all that good shit people say :)

  3. Well done Big Gorgeous! Miss ya. Manners x